Meet Sveeve
Original & Patented

What is Sveeve?

Sveeve is an innovative nightstand with integrated charging technology that makes it easy to charge your electronic devices. It’s minimalistic, space-saving and easy to install.

Easy installation

The unique fastening system makes it possible to attach Sveeve to almost any bed.

Integrated charger

With Sveeve you can charge your phone wirelessly. Alternatively you can use the USB port if you prefer to charge it with cable.


Sveeve gives you enough space to store your phone and other things you’d like to have close.

Inspired by Nature

Sveeve is inspired by the majestic Pulpit Rock which is one of Norway's most iconic landmarks. This 604 meter high cliff towers over the Lysefjord and has an almost perfect square 25 x 25 meter plateau at the top.

The name Sveeve comes from the word "sveve" which means "to soar" in Norwegian. And that´s exactly what Sveeve does. It soar by your bedside.

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