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Made in Norway

Sveeve is a Norwegian brand created by designers who appreciate minimalism and beautiful products which simplify everyday life. We are obsessed with quality and strive to create great products that our customers will love.

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Sveeve is just big enough to store your phone and other essentials that you'd like to have close.

Durable surface

The laminated surface makes Sveeve very durable and easy to clean.

Integrated charger

With Sveeve you can charge your phone wirelessly. Alternatively you can use cable if you'd like to use your phone while charging.

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What our customers say

We do not have enough room for two big nightstands, so I have purchased Sveeve to solve the issue. I like that it has an integrated charger and takes up no floor space. It looks awesome too!

Sarah B.

This product will change my life because I no longer have to sleep with my devices. I wish I had found this product years ago!

Michelle J.

One of your ads showed up in my Facebook feed. Normally I just continue scrolling, but this caught my attention. I think this is a brilliant idea and I bought one for both me and my wife

Robert M.

A purpose-driven company

Sveeve is a Norwegian company. Our team consist of talented people with background in design, technology and product development. We strive to create quality products that our customers will love.

We care for people, the planet and the future.

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