About us

Sveeve is a company located in Dirdal, a small village between steep mountains not far from Stavanger, Norway. The team consist of passionate people who strive to create quality products that our customers will love.

The founders

Sveeve was founded by Stig Are Gilja and Kristian Hoff. Together with fantastic people we develop products which our customers love.

Inspired by The Pulpit Rock

Sveeve is inspired by the majestic Pulpit Rock which is one of Norway's most iconic landmarks. This 604 meter high cliff towers over the Lysefjord and has an almost perfect square 25 x 25 meter plateau at the top.


The name Sveeve comes from the word "sveve" which means "to soar" in Norwegian. And that´s exactly what Sveeve does, it soar by your bedside.

How it started

Stig didn't have a proper nightstand. The phone, books and other stuff were always lying on the floor collecting dust.

But one day he got an idea.. 

What if I stick a thin plate between two mattresses and put my things on it, instead of the floor? 

With good help from his daughter, a plywood plate was cut and painted. He stuck it between the mattresses and put his belongings on it.

After a few weeks of testing, it was concluded that it was a huge success. It was simple, took up little space and it was easy to clean around the bed.

Everyone should have something like this, he thought.

He did some market research and found out that there was a market for such product. When that was confirmed, he decided to move forward with the idea.

He teamed up with Kristian and a group of talented designers and together they made Sveeve a reality.

The first prototype

The first prototype of Sveeve was created with good help from Stig's daughter.